SDK Cosmetics

BE-BIO-01Since the beginning of time, nature is proving to be an unstoppable ally against the health problems of all kinds. Well known for the excellence of their therapeutic properties, plants, flowers and fruits are the basis for many herbal remedies and cosmetics.
"SDK Cosmetics" travelled back to the source of raw materials to draw from the essence of these exceptional natural elements in order to provide you with the perfection of their benefits.
Thus, for its scarcity and its unique purity, wide range of organic vegetable oils "SDK Cosmetics" takes you to a new world of new sensations and intense pleasures.

The variety of products offered will meet your expectations through the seasons and years.
"SDK Cosmetics" is the valuable asset that accompanies you every day and naturally cares of you and your beloved ones.

"SDK Cosmetics" has been designed to bring together the multiple benefits of plants within exceptional care. Vegetable oils are the essence of any cosmetic product. To ensure the perfection of our care, "SDK Cosmetics" is a range in which the main ingredient is organic vegetable oil. Thus, no chemical or synthetic component is used. Conservation is purely spontaneous and does not require any external custodian. "SDK Cosmetics" uses ingredients whose assets are of unique quality and excellence.
Our range "SDK Cosmetics" is natural and pure, it offers only products that are 100% organic (no parabens, no preservatives and no alcohol). The original and varied scents from essential oils and CO2 extracts are 100% natural and organic.